COVID-19 E-Pass Apply Online [State Wise] Curfew Pass

As we all know that due to the outreach of the COVID-19 all services excluding healthcare and essential services are restricted to operate. The government of India had imposed various restrictions on public movement. Due to this restriction, no one will be allowed to move out of their home except for only the transaction of essential services. The government of various states had made a special provision for the people from the essential category or anyone has some urgent work to apply for the COVID-19 E-Pass.

COVID-19 E-Pass

The Government is allowing various stakeholders to apply for the COVID- E pass to get ease on transportation from one location to another. One can apply for the E-pass through the website of the respective State Government. As of now, there is a nation-wide restriction up to 14th April 2020 imposed on the transportation of various goods and moving of people from one location to another.

Overview of State Wise Curfew Online COVID-19 E-Pass

Name of State Official Website
Assam Way to Apply for Online Curfew Pass
Chhattisgarh Apply For Curfew E-pass
Chandigarh Chandigarh Curfew E-pass
Delhi Delhi Curfew E-Pass Apply Online
Haryana Haryana Curfew E-Pass Online
Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Curfew E-Pass
Madhya Pradesh M.P Curfew E-Pass
Jharkhand Jharkhand Curfew E-Pass
Kolkata Kolkata Curfew E-Pass Online Way
Uttarakhand Uttarakhand Lockdown Curfew E-Pass
Punjab Punjab Curfew E-Pass
Kerala Kerala Curfew E-Pass Online
Goa Goa Online Curfew Pass
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Curfew E- Pass Official
Himachal Pradesh HP Government Curfew Pass
Maharashtra Maharashtra Apply Online Curfew E-Pass
Rajasthan Apply Through Rajasthan Government App
Bihar Bihar Curfew pass
Gujarat Gujarat Curfew Pass Online Procedure
West Bengal WB Online Curfew Pass
Karnataka Karnataka State Government Curfew E-pass
Odisha Odisha Government Lock-down E-Pass
Andhra Pradesh AP Curfew Pass

List of Essential Services Curfew COVID-19 E-Pass

The government is giving relaxation to the various people servicing the product under the category of essential services. Those people who are engaged in the industry that has been given below can apply for the Lockdown Curfew E-Pass.

  • Ambulance
  • Police Department
  • Fire Services
  • Power Supply
  • Water Supply
  • Food Supply
  • Health-related services
  • Urban Local Bodies & Rural Development
  • Public Sector Bank Employee
  • Other Government Employees
  • Courier & Logistic
  • Provision Store
  • Essential  Food Supply Distribution
  • Items which are essential to be Manufactured
  • Health Employees
  • Bank Employee
  • Logistics
  • Media Services
  • Government and Private ATM
  • Funerals
  • Telecom which also includes broadband services
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Employees working in Railway ( Transportation)

Documents Required To Obtain Curfew E-Pass

The person who belongs to the essentials category industry or has very urgent work can apply for the Online Curfew Pass by simply visiting the official portals of their respective State Government. To apply for the Curfew- E pass, it is required to fulfill the criteria or need to furnish the document at the time of applying E-Pass.

  • Vehicle Number
  • Two-wheeler or Four Wheeler Registration Number
  • Latest Passport Size Photograph
  • Any official Identity Card
  • Company Letter to recommend movement during Lockdown
  • Various others proof
  • Aadhar Card

Government of India Had imposed country-wise lockdown which allows various restrictions on to the citizen of India. The citizen who needs to move from one place to another due to emergency needs to apply for the Curfew Pass through the website of the State Government.

  • Eligibility:

The citizen who is working in the daily essential industry can apply for the Curfew E-pass and below given are some common steps to apply for the curfew pass for all State Government.

Step Wise Curfew Pass Online Process – 

Given below are some of the common steps to apply for the  lockdown E-Pass

  • Needs to visit the official website of the respective government website then click on the apply Curfew Pass Link.
  • Then you will be required to enter the registered mobile number and enter the one time password on the given box.
  • Now you will require filling the necessary information on the portal and will need to submit the required document.
  • Click on the submit option to proceed further.
  • After applying for the COVID-19 E- Pass one can view the application status from time to time.

Apply For Curfew COVID E-Pass (Delhi)

How to apply for the Curfew E-Pass through Whatsapp?

Any resident of Delhi can apply for the Curfew pass by sending a message to the number of the Delhi Police.

How to apply for Delhi Curfew E-Pass through Email?

People can apply for their online curfew passes by sending email to the email id of the Delhi police i.e. After receiving your application the Government of Delhi will issue the curfew pass.

Online Procedure to Apply for E-Curfew Pass through Delhi Police Website

  • Applicants are requested to visit the website of Delhi Police to enable you to apply for the E-passes during the lockdown time.
  • After that, you need to search for the Movement Pass section on the homepage of the Delhi Police Portal.
  • You will be asked to register under the Movement Pass section with the mobile number.
  • After you will receive the login credential or OTP on the registered mobile number to log in on the website.
  • Once you logged in to the Delhi Police portal, then you need to fill the details required to apply for the online curfew pass.
  • Needs to upload the supporting documents with the applicant and don’t forget to mention the reason to apply for the curfew pass.
  • After some time you will be able to download the Curfew online pass.

What is the Process to check Application Status of COVID-19 E-Pass?

The way to check application status that is seen below:

  •  Need to visit website of Delhi Government.
  • Then you have to click on the Apply E-pass Link which will be found on the first page of the website.
  • Then need to choose the language from the list of given languages and have to hit the button on the check application status section
  • After that, you have to log in with the credential received at the time of registration to check application status.
  • The last step is to click on the “View Application Status” option to check the Covid E-Pass online application status.

Whatsapp number

1. East Delhi District: 8447200084

2. North East Delhi District: 8860425666

3. Central Delhi District: 7428210711

4. New Delhi District: 9540675392

5. North Delhi District: 8595354861

6. South East Delhi District: 8595258871

7. West Delhi District: 9414320064

8. South Delhi District: 9643150027

9. South West Delhi District: 9971518387

10. North West Delhi District: 8595543375

Online process to apply for Curfew E- Pass  in Maharashtra

1. Needs to visit the official website of Maharashtra Police

2. In order to register for the online account to apply for the E-pass, you will be required to fill the required details in the correct way.

3. After verification the online Curfew pass will be issued.

Helpline Numbers of other States for issue related to COVID-19

Helpline Numbers

  • Arunachal Pradesh: 9436055743
  • Andhra Pradesh: 0866-2410978
  • Assam: 6913347770
  • Bihar: 104
  • Chhattisgarh: 104
  • Goa: 104
  • Gujarat: 104
  • Haryana: 8558893911
  • Himachal Pradesh: 104
  • Jharkhand: 104
  • Karnataka: 104
  • Kerala: 0471-2552056
  • Madhya Pradesh: 104
  • Maharashtra: 020-26127394
  • Manipur: 3852411668
  • Meghalaya: 108
  • Mizoram: 102
  • Nagaland: 7005539653
  • Odisha: 9439994859
  • Punjab: 104
  • Rajasthan: 0141-2225624
  • Sikkim: 104
  • Tamil Nadu: 044-29510500
  • Telangana: 104
  • Tripura: 0381-2315879
  • Uttarakhand: 104
  • Uttar Pradesh: 18001805145
  • West Bengal: 1800313444222